Elm Lea to Undergo ESTHER Training

Elm Lea has decided to participate in the ESTHER training programme. Our care home will be among the first in the country to have an ESTHER trained coach; specially trained to deliver better care for patients.

ESTHER ambassador training is underway in a very limited number of areas in the country, one of which is Kent.


What is ESTHER?

Esther is a care model which was has been running in Sweden since 1997.  In the past few years ESTHER has gained attention around the world and has begun to emerge in America and more recently the UK. Kent is one of the first counties in England to have an ESTHER network.

The model originally began as a three year project by founder Mats Bojestig who used the negative experiences of an elderly patient known as ESTHER.  The model was developed to improve the care of elderly people with complex conditions. however ESTHER can be applied to people of any age, gender, physical or mental ability.

The main goals are to:

  • Use resources more efficiently to do what matters to clients
  • Ensure good communication between organisations
  • Provide smoother and safer pathways for patients

The ESTHER model has proved highly effective in Sweden.  Surveys conducted between 2008-2011 showed that ESTHERS felt safe and were appreciative of personal contacts.

During the three year study period:

  • Admissions to medical departments declined 30%
  • There was a reduction in hospital readmissions after 30 days for people over 65.
  • There was also a decreated length of hospital stays.


What do ESTHER coaches do?

Each coach undergoes 8 days of structured training over eight months.  Once their training has been completed they can introduce ideas to improve competencies, inspire and motivate colleagues to improve and introduce lean thinking.



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